28 November, South East UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“In the dark of night, we ran away with 4 Turkeys, they were quiet and still throughout, aiding us in being unnoticed. We found that 70% of the turkeys had already been killed since our last visit, and the one’s left were terrified of us. It was only after we left that we realized how mutilated their beaks were. Leaving so many behind is heartbreaking, but there is some comfort in knowing there are survivors.

Christmas is fast approaching, and so is the death of so many more innocent lives. In the next few weeks millions of turkeys will be killed, having been bred over the last few months for this tradition. Whilst everyone is celebrating the birth of a fictional character and consumerism, outside of their view these turkeys are kept crowded together in sheds. Their death will be merciless and pointless. 

All of ALF it’s time to do what you do best SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT!”


 27th November, East midlands UK.

received anonymously via email:

“With the mass slaughter of turkeys getting closer and closer we went to check out a free range farm to liberate a few beautiful birds before the farmer could kill them. 

We sat, listened and watched from the shadows for a while to check the farmer had gone to bed, then headed over to the barn. One turkey after another was helped out of the barn and over the fence to freedom. Once our arms were full we quickly made our way back to the vehicle and onwards to their forever homes.

Fuck speciesism, take action. Until all are free.”


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Joseph Mahmoud Dibee was arrested in Cuba whilst boarding a plane towards Russia after being twelve years on the run. The FBI accuses him of multiple accounts of sabotage carried by the ALF and ELF during the 90s. One of the actions he is accused of is the horse meat packing plant that was burnt to ashes twenty-one years ago that would never be open again.

Joseph was visited by the filth in 2005 but there was insufficient proof to arrest him. Four days later he disappeared. In 2006 a judge indicted Dibee and twelve others as part of Operation Backfire, an FBI investigation on ELF and ALF groups. The alleged group, “the family”, is believed to have caused more than $45 million of damage in arson and sabotage actions. None of the actions Dibee is accused of harmed any human or non-human life.

His court date will not take place until 2020.  He is quite bored in the county jail and says the food is terrible.  He feels that inmates are routinely stuck in Columbia to encourage them to take a plea.  Taking a plea to bogus terrorist charges is something he says he will not do.

Please write to:
Joseph Dibee #101799
Columbia County Jail
901 Port Avenue
St. Helens, OR 97051

He is a fascinating correspondent, having worked on the Syrian Solar Project and been obliged to flee Syria to avoid the war.  He settled in Russia, where he was quite happy.  He had been teaching for the summer in South America when he was nabbed at a Cuban air terminal on his way home to Russia.

Joseph flies a plane and is especially fond of cats.  He was born in Syria and speaks Arabic, English, and Russian.  Because of his high-tech skills, he says he has always been able to find employment.  He was put in the hole at Columbia when the authorities learned from a phone call that he was planning to “sue” his jailers.  Being closely confined at that time ruined a visit from family members in Russia who were planning to fly here to see him.

Sending mail:
All mail is opened and read. Do not include paperclips, staples, glitter or anything extra as this may mean your letter is rejected by the prison. It is not yet confirmed if Joseph is able to receive books.

Please do not discuss anything related to his case, to anything illegal or to any direct actions!

If you want to send letters to other prisoners you can visit

We even have a small box where you can write the name of the prisoner and then the letter, we will print it and post it alongside other letters so you don’t have to do anything else but type! Easy right?

If you want to give us a hand with prison support you can join our patreon:

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In 2017 and during the “Week of Action Against Speciesism” an egg laying farm was visited by the ALF. As well as taking a hundred chickens to safety, the humans involved destroyed crates upon crates of eggs, machinery and automated tools. They left messages for the farmer to read the morning after. 

The action was dedicated to Barry Horne. We decided to upload this video as we believe it to be quite powerful, not only showing how a free range facility looks like in the UK, but also giving an insight on how a barn is destroyed in just a few minutes. 

As always, the aim of ALFRIDAYS is to have an insight on what came before today in the path to liberation. We felt it was appropriate to showcase this specific video today as it was only this morning that we published a free range chicken report that has received multiple comments asking “why free range is wrong”. 

Read the report sent below: 


1st November (2017), UK. 


Received anonymously:

“Under the International Week of Action Against Speciesism, an egg-laying chicken farm in the north UK was sabotaged. Owned by James Potter, this farm supplies to main supermarkets around the country telling the fallacy of ‘free range’ as somewhat ‘not cruel’.

One hundred chickens were freed from their slavery, the machinery and disinfectants were sabotaged, all the eggs smashed and graffiti on the walls was sprayed on reading ‘EAT YOUR OWN EGGS’, ‘FUCK THE EGG INDUSTRY’, ‘BARRY HORNE, A LOVE WARRIOR’ and ‘BARRY LIVES IN THOSE WHO ACT’.

All hens are now safe and will live a life of freedom away from the exploitation of humans.

With this action, we would like to remember and give power to Barry. We do not forget and we do not give up. The Animal Liberation Front is only growing. We will fight against speciesism and we will extend our love and power to anyone oppressed by this system.

For a truly anarchist revolution,

against all hierarchies,

against animals being used as commodities.



20th November, Sussex, UK

Received anonymously via email: 

“In the dark of night on the 20th of November we waited in the shadows until the coast was clear. After an hour hidden in the trees we were finally able to climb into the facility. The smell and horror of this place is more shocking every time we come back. We have visited this disgusting farm for a while now, discovering more and more suffering and lies each time. But finally this time we were able to leave with some of the victims of the egg industry. 5 hens will never have to live in a system that sees them as property, as a machine that makes eggs, in a welfarist lie. Free range means nothing to those poor hens. 

They are now going to have the space to be happy and be free from slavery. 

Until all are free!”


We are writing this post for two main reasons. The first one is that we believe people should be transparent with the money they fundraise, specially when talking about activism. The second one is because recently we received a major donation totalling 10,000 British Pounds. That’s a fuck load of money. So let’s talk about it.

We’ve been at it online for over two years now and peopler are aware that we are obviously anticapitalist and that we struggle dealing with money. We are not stupid either and know that we need funds to run many of the things we like doing as a collective. So let’s break this down in two parts. 

1- What does Unoffensive do with the money received on a monthly basis? 

We have a Patreon account. At the moment it is sitting in just over 300 US dollars a month. We also sell merch on the website that produces anything from 50 to 200 GBP a month. That monthly money is mainly used to send support to prisoners (for commissary, for phone calls or stamps, legal fees or whatever they need it for). Some of that money covers the website hosting and other small outgoings related to website and technology. Sometimes, when it is needed, we use some of the money to travel giving workshops or talks. We barely make enough to be able to cover all the prison support we would like. It is rough, but we do as much as we can and accept that we will not solve the world’s problems on our own. Money will never be used for personal profit of any of the members within the collective. We don’t pay for food, housing, clothing or anything related to our personal needs out of that money. It would not be fair on people donating.

2- What the fuck has Unoffensive done with that huge donation?

Ten Thousand British Pounds. We received it without warning and our reaction was mixed between confusion, euphoria, sickness and fear. No one asked for that money, but it came to us. It is scary holding that much money flow at once and we needed to make decisions about how to use it, so we developed a system of multiple filters where we could not simply spend any of that money without other folks checking on it first. We’ve used it all in about three weeks and we want to explain how:

5.500 GBP has been sent to prison support and legal support. Some folks like Eric or Walter need basic commissary cash. Someone needed covering a bit of a fine issued after coming back from Rojava. Someone needed some money after being sentenced for criminal damage. Over half of the money was sent in all directions in the first couple of days. It feels good to be able to send the money we believe folks in prison deserve, at least once! 

2.500 GBP was spent in a Thermal Imaging Scope for our comrades in Underground Badger Syndicate. They struggled massively working nights during the badger cull as they had no night equipment of any kind. They now will be able to see in the dark, and we hope that helps them immensely in their fight against hunting. 

Slightly under 1000 GBP has been used to restock Unoffensive’s merch. Flags, bandanas and patches are coming, all sizes will be restocked again and there is fresh stickers and leaflets coming soon. We hope that helps us fundraise some of the money back.

About 500 GBP was used on IT security. Website Host changes, hardware encrypted hardrives, a couple of smartphones that will be tweaked to increase security and handed over to groups that have requested them… 

We have a few hundred pounds still sitting as an insurance when the latest arrests get sentences, in case the fines are very high. 

This is the reason why we keep fundraising, non stop, every week. Because we believe we can do good with the money we receive. We hope making this public helps people see how we manage money and maybe realise why we are here, still pushing. 

If you want to help us, we have a raffle going. Each ticket is 5 pounds and we are hoping to sell 200 before the 10th of December. Good luck winning that banging box!

Even better, if you want to join our patreon support network, that would be incredibly useful. You can join for even one or two dollars a month and it all helps towards our work.  

This has not been a very easy post to write, but we believe it is fair for folks to know what we are up to. Thank you very much to every person that shares, donates, gets merch, talks about us or sends us love.

Until we win.

Unoffensive Animal Collective


Folks ask on a regular basis how they can support our work. As the disgraceful consumerist holidays approach, we thought  we could do a little raffle to raise some funds whilst providing a serious pack for someone who might really enjoy it.

Everybody around the world is welcome to take part and we will post the box to wherever the winner wants us to. Raffle tickets are 5 GBP and we encourage people to buy as many as they fancy.

The box is (capitalist valued) worth about 120 GBP. It will include:

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  • A pocket hand powered chainsaw. 

Grab yourself a raffle number in the link below:

This is a fundraising raffle. Unoffensive needs to up the funds as many fines and upcoming court cases will take a toll in what we have. That means that your donation is that, a donation, and you might end up winning the box (which would be peng!) but you might not.

As the stuff in the box might be misunderstood, we want to make clear that Unoffensive does not promote, seek to incite or condone illegal activities and that all the goodies within the box are novelty items only. We do not take responsibility of your actions or how you might use the tools in the box, however righteous those illicit activities might be.

So basically, help us out and join the raffle, get as many tickets as you fancy and maybe you get a banging lil present before the holidays start.

Raffle ends the 10th of December.

Good luck and see you in the next riot.

Unoffensive Animal. 


First of all, let’s define what Food Justice is. Food Justice has three main aspects:
Access to healthy, locally grown, fresh food
Living wages for all of those involved in the food system
Community control of the food supply

The Food Justice movement is in opposition to the racial and class influence on people’s ability to acquire healthy, fresh foods. It also brings light to issues facing farmers, food workers (we’ve all heard about the media talking about how fresh food will be left rotting in the fields due to having no migrant workers to pick them, but have you ever thought about why it is that large agricultural groups target migrants and others of lower socio-economic status to pick their food?).

Some of you may have heard the term “food desert”, usually in conversations where people who are not living in one use their existence to justify why they can’t go vegan. A “food desert” is defined as “an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food.”, this usually means that for the population within the area there are no places in which to buy sufficient fresh, healthy food, or that such places are inaccessible for the population there. The term food desert tends to ignore other factors other than proximity, such as racism, cost of living, people being time and cash poor, and due to this has largely been replaced by the terms “food apartheid” or “food oppression”.

Places living under food apartheid often have an overabundance of cheap, processed foods (think fast food chains and petrol station food), which while they may be cheaper in the short term, usually end up being much more expensive in the long term due to ill health caused by poor diet. Communities of colour, as well as low-income areas, are most at risk of food apartheid due to the system we live under. 

One method of challenging this system of food apartheid is community food gardens, which enables the community to reclaim control over the production of food. This enables communities to grow healthy, vegan food without having to rely on big businesses and the agricultural industries to decide whether or not their communities are deserving of healthy foods. This ties into the Anarchist idea of mutual aid, relying on building strong communities instead of the State. This also allows the community itself to decide where certain resources can be best allocated, and allows stronger communal bonds to be formed as everyone has a share of the work, and a share of the produce at the end.

For more information regarding food justice, and how food apartheid can be combatted, check out:

The Food Empowerment Project

And if you can afford to buy it (or find a pdf online), definitely check out “Food Justice: A Primer”