This message contains three rescues at once. In the first one, we took twenthy hens, in the second one five and in the third one eighteen hof them. New rescuer joined us in two of these events. I asked her to write a few sentences. (MK)

My first and second time (Anonym)

It was night, I was standing in the field covered in several layers of clothes realizing what I am doing. Everything slowed down, it was only us walking on the frozen clay. I couldn’t stop thinking about how noisy every step I made was. The sky was full of stars and as I was admiring their beauty, snow was falling in my eyes.

I was on watch at the spot from where Lukas and Michal broke in. Just a while after they entered the areal, our watcher saw the guard and told boys to withdraw. As soon as they both got out, a strong light emerged from nowhere, and I swore it was shining directly upon us. Boys were about to back off and I followed them.

When we returned to our spot, no one knew where the guard was, but Michal and Lukas decided to go in. They looked resolutely as they reached one of the several unbelievably large halls. I lay in the snow and worried for us all. There was nothing but terrifying silence that was occasionally interrupted by the big ventilator that blows air into the halls.

After a while Michal handed me a bag. Until I held it in my hands I didn’t believe it could be full, the scared animals inside didn’t make a sound. Carefully, I put them next to me and hoped they were alive. Michal and Lukas were out of the areal when our watcher told us, there was a suspicious car. Michal told me not to move. In the unnatural poses in which we freezed, we were watching the car that stopped just ahead of us. The hens were still next to me and I was afraid. But for the first time of this evening I forgot about all the possible and impossible reversals, consequences and felt the responsibility for those poor animals whose life depended on our succesful escape.

When we all met in our car I couldn’t guess how others felt. For me, it was hard to process the whole event, the other watchers looked satisfied. It was Lukas and Michal who had looked in the eyes of the suffering victims who they couldn’t save. I am not sure if they could feel any satisfaction, the helplessness must be tearing them apart.

A few kilometers further we stopped the car and I finally saw them! Five big hens.. Michal pulled out the first one and put her in my arms… she stank, her feathers was all dirty. She didn’t have a clue where she was but she didn’t feel the need to defend herself. Maybe she was just too weak. I held her and talked to her and she laid her head on my shoulder. She was so beautiful… I really wanted her to know that.

Seven years ago I first opened my eyes and stopped eating meat. When I opened my eyes the second time I went vegan. Over time I became a fiery activist fighting for animal rights, I thought it was how we save the world. But now as I am finally waking up, it is more about opening my heart and fighting for freedom.


After a week we were back at the same place. Stars that remind people their vanity was gone and the ice became a mud. Leaded by the smell of the factory farm, we wouldn’t miss it even with our eyes closed.

We waited on our spots until the guard makes a regular check out. And we waited a looong time. Michal sat down and wanted me to imagine all the pain that is placed behind these large halls. We sat for a while trying to capture it.

The guard still hasn’t check the areal, but we decided to go in. While Lukas was opening the door of the nearest hall, I was preparing for what I was going to see. I followed Michal in, there was a red light, some tools, no animals and another door infront of us. And then another. I was surprised by the structure and realized, I knew nothing about what’s in there. It was all so strange but I didn’t stop doing deeper.

I don’t remember if it stank inside, if it was cold there or not. But I remember the way all the hens were looking on us. For just a little while, perharps I could swallow a piece of that exposed pain in their eyes. I stood there frightened by the thought that there is nothing I could do to make this stop. The hall was endless and dark and that is all it’s involuntary inhabitants will ever have.

All people did a good job and 18 beautiful creatures was sucessfully rescued that night.



So you know the score. We’ve lost eight Facebook pages, our Patreon was finalised last week and our website got taken down yesterday. We must be pissing someone off. 

The great thing about the fight is that it teaches us to become resilient. How many times have we been beaten by the cops, thrown in a cell, punched by a Nazi or seen the injustice all around us and we still got up to carry on? This internet game is kind of the same. Patreon take us down? We start a Liberapay. The website is down? We ride the wave and get it back up. Certainly we don’t know exactly what happened and who was behind it, but we will find out sooner or later. 

This brings us to the next point. Unoffensive is a communal project. Not just between the collective, but also with everybody that likes us still bringing those news. We are unable to reach more people without your help. Anarchy is mutual aid, and we are asking for that aid now. After Facebook took us down last time and we had to go back up as Liberate Or Die, we did not recover as much as we would’ve liked. The first time we went down we had 1000 followers back in 6 hours. This time, we are at barely 2000 after a month. We wonder if the platform is dead for us or if simply we aren’t producing good enough content to make folks share our work and news with others. Seemingly, after a year on Instagram we have not reached 10k. What we mean with all this is that for this project to work we need to use your reach. If you believe that Unoffensive is doing good work, share us. Talk to folks about us. Like the posts, comment, show it to folks. It is hard enough to fight against whoever want us down, and it is made even more difficult if our reach is every time smaller and smaller. 

The same way, if you believe folks around you would benefit from our workshops, DM us and let’s get the ball rolling. We want to share knowledge and learn from others and we cannot wait to plot the revolution! 

In other news, we are still organising Liberate Or Die. We choose to organise it in May as it would be warmer, but it seems like a lot of people might be heading to the US for the animal rights conference in June and we are concerned that that will stop folks from coming to Hambi the month before. What do you all think? And what sort of workshops would you like to see? We certainly are getting ready some skeleton actions so we can have a lot of fun whilst sticking the middle finger to the speciesist system. But then again, this project will also not really work without the support of the folks around us, so get involved and let’s organise! 

If anyone is able to help us out with funds, after Patreon went down we’ve taken a bit of a hit, so join us on Liberapay and let’s see how the platform behaves! 




When we thought we were more or less safe on all our internet accounts after the introduction of our website, Patreon sent us an email informing us that they did not want to host us any longer. Even though we have communicated to them that our aim isn’t “promoting criminal damage” -as they seem to believe – but to inform and produce media for the public, they are not willing to allow us back in their platform. 

Money is always a nasty subject for us. We fucking hate money, but we see how useful it is in some aspects. Although none of us ever would use donations for financial gain, there are quite a few expenses related to UA’s work that make money a need to carry on with the project. Our website, hosting, internet and phone bills, the (not very regular) trip to give workshops or to assist at occupations and the legal fees and prison support work, all requires money. 

We have always been very open about how we use money and how we do not pay for our food, personal bills, whatever. Mostly because we live like street rats so our life might be many things, but it isn’t expensive. 

So here we are, once again, asking for your support. We’ve created a LiberaPay account and we are hoping it will work well for us and for you. We don’t know anyone who uses it so we have no references. If you are able to help us either by donating or by sharing the appeal, that would be amazing. 

You don’t have to donate much. £1, £5, £0.50… everything helps. We have well over 10k followers cross platform so it shouldn’t be too difficult to reach our goal of £150 a week. Certainly loosing Patreon hit us hard when our monthly income had reached 535 dollars a month. 

So, have a look at the new platform, tell us what you think, join if you can and share regardless. We can only survive through mutual aid.




Generation Identity is a fascist movement started in France based around what they call “Etnopluralism”, this is essentially segregation between races and only serves to further split the divide between different communities. GI calls for a “white Europe” and focus their campaigning mainly in anti Muslim and islamophobic actions. 

Thanks to a huge amount of cash injected by anonymous donors, a very clean, sleek and strong social media presence has aided them to extend throughout Europe. 

They hope that by wearing nice suits and having fancy graphics and websites that they can make themselves seem marketable and genuine, when in fact they are nothing more than racist, Nazi-hipster fascist scum. 

If you ever see GI stickers or leaflets in your area, remove them and put them where GI belongs, in the fucking bin. 

Fash not welcome in Sheffield or anywhere in the world. 

No pasaran!


This short video features Melanie Arnold, who in 1996 was part of an operation that firebombed 12 vehicles including trucks, vans and cars on the site of a slaughterhouse, which was also set fire to. Shortly afterwards the the business closed. It gives an interesting perspective on how to survey places to ensure that no one is harmed by a fire action.


During this winter time of uncertainty in Hambacher Forst we’ve been trying to push building structures whilst awaiting to see what the political decision is. An answer could come as soon as Friday this week so we would recommend anyone wanting to come when the eviction happens to be ready for it.

Within Unoffensive we have been wondering what’s next. We still want to organise Liberate Or Die but we do not know if the forest will hold until May, so if anyone knows of a different space in Europe that would be happy to host it please drop us a message!

We also want to organise some workshops. Do you think your group would benefit from a chat with UA folks? Message us and let’s get organised. For now we are unable to travel outside of Europe, but hopefully in a few years we can travel somewhere else!

We published A is for Anarchy yesterday for the first time in a few months. What did you think of it?

Lastly, we would like to appeal for a lil help. It’s been almost a year that we’ve been without a good camera and it would really help us with bringing you news from the front line, so if you’re able to support us be it by dropping some coins or by sharing the word, please do so.



In our first A is for Anarchy, we would like to discuss what Anarchism is, and who are the Anarchists.
Anarchism is a school of political thought that rests on one underpinning idea that runs through all forms of anarchism (except “anarcho”capitalists, but they aint anarchists so fuck them). That idea is the opposition to all forms of oppressive power, from capitalism and patriarchy, to the state itself, and some anarchist schools of thought extend this through to civilisation as we know it, and to the idea that each person is free to be them, so long as their freedom does not infringe on the health, wellbeing, or life of another, and the concept of mutual aid (which will be covered in the next article).
The Anarchists are those who believe this wild idea that everyone is free to associate with who they want, in whatever way they want, and that oppressive power structures are a bad thing. Strange, I know.
Democracy has failed, you cannot simply vote away these oppressive structures, the politicians and corporations grow rich on them, cis-men grow more powerful on them, the cops protect them without question, so what is left? What can we, the anarchists on the street do? The only option left is direct action (keep an eye out for article 3), which if you have been following this page for any amount of time, you may have seen a few examples.
If you are ready to take action against this oppression, if you already believe that the state/capitalism/cops/your boss don’t have your best interest at heart, then guess what? You’re already one of us.
For Further reading/watching, check out
And please, keep an eye out for the next piece


We received a report from some comrades in Germany that we thought would be a nice addition to the page, read it below:

“Doing our daily checks looking for filth around Hambacher Forst, we spotted a couple of cars with dog trailers attached. It is quite standard to see hunters around so we decided to finish up the round before going to look for them. At the petrol station, another hunting vehicle with doggos locked in the trailer was fuelling up. The trailer was covered in Nazi stickers, what a fucking surprise!

After checking the local “dog training” website we discovered that they had a hunt training day. So not only those fucks enjoy making dogs become soulless they also welcome Nazis in their lessons. We had to take action.

We located them quickly, about five kilometres away from their meet, split into two groups and training the dogs to retrieve. Armed with airhorns, every time the whistle would be used, we would make as much sound as we could hidden in the bushes before moving a few hundred meters. When the time was right and we had a group of about 15 folks trying to find who was fucking with their lesson, someone approached the vehicles and dealt with the tyres of two of them. A third vehicle seemed to somehow suffer a concussion on the windscreen. Trust us, it didn’t look too pretty.

With the sound of the glass breaking, the attention was back in the cars and whilst we retrieved deeper in the woods we could see the hunters discovering the slashed tyres. Swearing and trying to find the forest elves, they called the other group and together (minus two cars that could not drive for obvious reasons) packed up and went back to their meeting point.

With the police approaching and two tractors towing the cars out of the field, we went back to the woods to resume with our daily jobs.

Neither Nazis, nor hunters, are welcome in this world we call Earth. The sabotage of both is not justifiable but encouraged.


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Via: Underground Badger Syndicate.