A comrade and journalist in Hambacher Forst fell from a traverse whilst getting closer to the treehouse being evicted at the time. They have passed away. The NRW minister of interior has declared a “pause” in the eviction. We aren’t prepared to make any extra comments. We will come back to publishing as soon as we possibly can. Please, understand that these moments are difficult for the team so if anyone has PMed us we might take some time before answering.


17th September, Cheshire UK.

received anonymously:

“Last night whilst out in the Cheshire cull zone we came across a calf chained in a small crate pen on a farm known to be involved in the Badger Cull, they were isolated and alone and instantly tried to suckle on sab’s fingers in desperation for their mother. As badgers are also a victim of the disgusting dairy business we felt it only right to destroy the traps found on this land and take the calf to a new home. We hope these losses cause this farmer to re-think their stance. We will be back to check. We also took little care when checking the rest of the farm and some items may have been misplaced or accidentally damaged 😉 Viva la Badgers”


13th September, South UK.

received anonymously:

“Activists at a Chicken Save pleaded with slaughterhouse staff to get a sick chicken off the livestock truck. Security wanted to cooperate but the manager had other plans. He tricked activists into thinking the request would be met but in actual fact the police were alerted. So, the activists sought other opportunities and found a cracked crate. Cover was provided while an activist pulled on the crate to widen the crack, allowing another to reach in and take a chicken. The activists ran off just as the truck driver spotted them. Moments from slaughter, this chicken is now free to live a life of liberty and contentment. We appreciate people are grateful, but for us – to not attempt to save an animal that’s about to die is a crime in itself. Freeing animals is mandatory!”


12th September, Italy.

“Activists returned once again to the fur farm in Scorzè on Wednesday. The main office and storage space of the farm was set alight with incendiary devices rendered it completely destroyed, causing over 300.000 euros worth of damage. A dog was also cut out of their chain and taken away. The farm specifically specialises in the breeding of mink for other fur farms and has been the target of at least six attacks in the past three years, including an arson in a vehicle and the release of thousands of mink in 2017. The owner of the farm has said “this is pure terrorism” and “it is a huge loss”. No human or non human animal was harmed in the action.


With the eviction well underway in the 12,000 year old forest of Hambach, the actions of those protecting capitalism increase in violence whilst the action of those protecting the earth increase in numbers.

Oaktown has been for the last three days the main focus of the eviction. After cutting many people out of their lock ons, they attacked Simona (pictured below). Simona is a ground structure that kept a little secret inside, a reinforced tunnel that kept the cops occupied for quite a long time. Police had no problem driving over the tunnel, endangering the multiple activists locked underground, and resulted to lift the whole house out of the way to access the entrance of the tunnel. Right now, Oaktown still resists, with one activist comfortably sleeping in a hammock in the highest point of a tree.

Yesterday the forest walk brought thousands of people to the small town of Buir. Packing train after train with angry people from many different cities, the police tried to control them on the line of the forest and announced that the forest walk was cancelled for the day. As if the police was able to cancel the walk! With great rage and spirits, hundreds of people broke the police line chanting “We want a forest walk!” and accessed the woods of Hambach. Once in the forest, the police was visibly outnumbered, having to face hundreds of people that made machines get out of the woods and even surrounded one of the police tanks, that had to hastily run out whilst police forces used violence against crowds chanting “We are peaceful, what are you?”. Today, the police has focused on Gallien and on the Westside Warriors (Beechtown and Cozytown). Latest news from Gallien report screams of pain coming out of Bolo.

Meanwhile, around Germany but also in many other countries, support actions have been sending solidarity to all the seedlings in the forest. From banner drops to planting trees inside of embassies and RWE offices, people have been getting creative. The latest report from the legal team shows 100+ arrests during the evictions, with 18 people still in custody.


It’s been three weeks since a raid in a fur farm in Hjo, Sweden, was reported online. During an anti fur demo, a group of activists entered the farm and released thousands of mink from their cages. Knut Indebetou, owner of the farm, has confirmed through an africultural newspaper that he is closing the farm because “it’s not worth the effort”. Over the years, that same farm has been the target of multiple ALF actions.



Are you in South West UK? Join Bristol Animal Rights Collective for a very interesting talk about animal rights, indigenous struggles and the fight of animal and human liberation in Mexico. We’ve also heard they will be sorting out another workshop in London so keep your eyes open!

“Learn about the history, challenges, victories and hopes of the Mexican AR movement. Learn what it is like to fight for animal and human liberation from the perspective of a Native American and an anti-speciesist queer activist.

Gerardo Tristan/Wotko is a Nahuatl, anti-speciesist and queer activist and community organiser from Monterrey, Mexico with over 30 years of experience working on a wide range of social issues such as indigenous/lgbtq /animal rights and food justice. From working as a coordinator of an international students group volunteering in the mountains of central Mexico helping indigenous coffee cooperatives in the summer of 2002 to being a collaborator at the Zapatista’s (EZLN) peace talk process during the spring of 1994, Gerardo has always been involved in vital issues in his country. In the fall of 2015 Gerardo founded FaunAccion, in CDMX. The group’s mission is to empower activists and agents of change by providing them with education and relevant tools for their activism. Currently Gerardo is working on two food justice projects: El Molcajete, a food education program on wheels in Mexico and The Chestnut Tree Reclamation Project in TN, USA.”


Yesterday it was announced that the eviction in Hambacher Forst had to start today for the safety of the activists as the occupation is a fire hazard. It is of no surprise that RWE workers took all fire extinguishers they could find last week.

This morning, police is everywhere. Gallien is surrounded by cops, Oaktown doesn’t seem to have any police presence and monopods and tripods are starting to be vacated.

Heavy machinery on the other hand is stuck at the entrance of the forest. It is raining, and thanks to the past attacks by the police there is more mud than green on the ground.

The spirits are high and the people are willing to put up a fight. Over 100 people have appeared to the first line of the forest as a spontaneous solidarity demo. There are demos and actions popping up all over Germany.

We are aware that most of our readers are U.K. based. Also, many of you only know about Hambacher Forst because of us. We are not going to write a massive dissertation about the animals and plants an a different social system between the forest. You can do the learning yourself. But we are going to ask for something. We are asking you to take action. We are asking you to not simply “share and be sad” about this story. We want you to do something against it.

Here is a list of all of the buildings RWE has in the U.K. From energy rations to offices, there are many different levels of action that can be taken to fight back. It is your time to take action.